For the Adorers of Charm

CoverClap is like a curated directory of all the best local beauty parlors in the form of individual websites.We give all verified company owners the same chance to promote their services on our site and take benefit of our user-friendly booking and communication tools.We provide a level playing field where all verified business owners may advertise their wares and connect with clients with no effort.Whether they specialize in classic or modern beauty treatments, the professionals may use our all-inclusive platform to learn more about their field, promote their services with ease online, and turn website visitors into paying consumers.You can save money on digital marketing since we will publish and promote the platform throughout social media and search engines.We put the needs of our customers first because we know from the challenges and disappointments that many coverclap face when trying to find the right hair stylist.In order to ensure that the beauticians listed on coverclap are of the highest quality, we put them through a rigorous screening process. When a company meets these requirements, we send an inspector to their location. In the end, we’re left with just the most qualified Montreal-based beauty specialists who work independently.

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